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Clueless White Guy Orders in Perfect Chinese, Shocks Patrons and Staff

8 menit 11 detik

White Guy Orders Takeout in Perfect Chinese, THIS happened…

10 menit 41 detik

Chinese Speaking White Guys Catch Gossiping Nail Salon Workers Red Handed

10 menit 29 detik

White Guy Gets Street Food in Rare Chinese Dialect, STUNS Locals


White Guys Buy Stuff Together in Perfect Chinese, Shock Locals

11 menit 2 detik

Surprising Nigerians by Speaking Their Language


Clueless White Guy Orders in Rare Chinese Dialect, Patrons SHOCKED


White Guy Shocks Jackie Chan With Perfect Mandarin

7 menit 30 detik

White Guys Surprise Locals with Rare Chinese Dialect, They are Stunned

10 menit 1 detik

Clueless American Tourist Busts Out Perfect Chinese, Shocks Locals

10 menit 42 detik

Black & White Guys Shock Chinese Hair Salon with Perfect Mandarin


White Guys Prank Chinese People with Perfect Mandarin


White Guy Pranks Chinese Teachers, Suddenly Speaks Advanced Chinese in Class


White Guy Stuns Entire Supermarket With Flawless Japanese

8 menit 2 detik

White Guy Orders in Fluent Indonesian, Stuns Restaurant

9 menit 14 detik

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